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2 Cyril, Methodius and Tsar Boris I

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Cyril, Methodius and Tsar Boris I 

855 in Stip, Bulgarian province Macedonia established the Bulgarian alphabet by removing the 3 language dogma

Cyril, Methodius and Tsar Boris I 855 in Stip, Bulgarian province Macedonia established the Bulgarian alphabet by removing the 3 language dogma.

Tsar Boris I enforce the Bulgarian Alphabet

He met Cyril and Methodius secretly in 855 in Bregalnitsa, where decision was made to follow the most difficult way to impose the Bulgarian Alphabet true diplomatic way. Rome needs to be convinced to give up the tree language dogma - Greek, Latin and Hebrew.
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In the day May 24, every year we honor Cyril and Methodius for their great achievement. It was really great then in the 9 century and now as well. Creation of the Bulgarian Alphabet, which was used by other Slavic nations, spread then and today half Europe, bring them in the European Civilization. The gratefulness and thankfulness to the both brothers from Solun in our custom and old tradition leads to full eclipse for other personality, which efforts help to establish the alphabet first in Bulgaria and then in the hole East Europe - Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Montenegro, Macedonia. Some Greek historians falsely identify Cyril and Methodius as a Greek nationality, just the way they falsify the history of Macedonia. Even they change their name as Cyril-us to look Greek. Their identity is but Bulgarian, because their mother was Bulgarian. This is the ground to create the Bulgarian alphabet. A Greek man will be unable to do this.

Falsely accused by the German clergy of being heretics, the two brothers set out to see the Pope to acquit themselves. On their way to Pope they stopped at Venice, where a dispute broke out between the local clergy and Cyril.

'When the philosopher was in Venice, bishops, priests and monks pounced upon him like crows upon a falcon and raised the question about the trilingual heresy, saying: 'Good man, tell us: how have you now created books for the Slavs to teach them? They were not evolved earlier by anyone: neither by the Apostles, nor by the Roman Pope, nor by Gregory the Theologian, nor by Hieronimus, nor by Augustine. We know only three languages which are worthy of glorifying God in books: Hebrew, Greek and Latin.

The philosopher answered:

'Does not the Lord send rain to all alike? Does not the sun too shine for all? And do we all equally breathe the air? And how is it that you are not ashamed to recognize only three languages, and to command all the other peoples and tribes to be deaf and dumb? Explain to me - do you consider God powerless, to grant all this, or envious, so that He does not wish it? For we know many peoples who understand books and glorify God each in their own tongue. Well known are the following: Armenians, Persians, Abazgi, Georgians, Sugdites, Goths, Avars, Tirsi, Khazars, Arabs, Egyptians, Syrians, and many others...'
With these and many other words the philosopher put them to shame, left them and departed.'

Prof. Dr. Bojidar Dimitrov

Who are this personality, which help of the establishment of the Bulgarian alphabet?

In the first place the great Bulgarian statesman Tsar Boris I (852-889). It is well known, an alphabet can be enforceded only if political and financial power of a state stay behind it. We know that two other alphabets are create in Bulgaria before (from Thrace decent Nikita Remesianski and from Gotten decent Wulfila), but they do not established, because the Bulgarian state do not support them. The alphabet at this time was always connected with the church. To be supplied the churches in Bulgaria with Bulgarian language was necessary 200,000 bibles. The books at this time was produced from pregament (special prepared ship leader). For 200,000 books are necessary 20,000,000 ship leader. Furthermore for 10,000 churches are necessary 10,000 priests knowing the new alphabet. Is it possible Cyril or Methodius or their disciples Clement or Naum to pay for 20,000,000 ship leader and educate 10,000 priests? Of coarse not. Spending and organizing is this order is only possible by state and statesman with a strong political will. Tsar Boris I stay behind all this with the power of entire Bulgarian state. And certain long before 886, when he gave Clement an Naum all power, money and supporters necessary to do their work of spreading the alphabet true hole Bulgaria. This contact happened in Macedonia between Cyril, Methodius and Tsar Boris I in Raven (outskirt of Stip) and was negotiated the establishment of the Altbulgarian Alphabet. Of the question why they do not continue their mission in Bulgaria the answer is simple. The Alphabet do not have the acceptance from Rome and Constantinople. We should not forget at this time the bible was allowed to be written only in 3 languages - Latin, Greek and Hebrew. The most important task for Cyril and Methodius was to achieved the acceptance of Rome. And this can be reached only if they remain Byzantine state and church missionary. If they remain in Bulgaria they both and Tsar Boris I and the alphabet without any doubt will be declared as a heretical. Clement and Naum are the next we may forget. Do not mislead! The mission of Cyril and Methodius collapse in Moravia finally in 886. Without Clement and Naum the holy mission of Cyril and Methodius will die just like this from Nikita Remesianski and Wulfila. The talented monks where also a super managers. To teach 10,000 monks and to write 200,000 books require great organizing talent, otherwise the effort of the Bulgarian State will go for nothing.

We should not forget Tsar Simeon the Great (893-927), who continue the work of his father very successful. He was able to reject the way Svetopolk destroy the the Mission initiated by Rostislav in Moravia and to return the Greek alphabet. Nothing was easier than this. Finally Tsar Peter (927-942) secure 42 peaceful years to strengthen the success of the mission by the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius.

To all of them may their memory live forever and everlasting respect from the Bulgarian nation.

Macedonia, May 24, 2004

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