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0 Dimo Hadjidimov: Back to the Autonomy, 1919

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Dimo Hadjidimov: Back to the Autonomy, 1919

"... This idea, nevertheless, remained a Bulgarian idea until it disappeared even among the Bulgarians. Neither the Greeks, nor the Turks, nor any other nationality in Macedonia accepted that slogan... The idea of autonomous Macedonia developed most significantly after the creation of the Internal Macedonan revolutionary Organization which was Bulgarian in respect of its members and proved to be well decided, of great military might and power of resistance. The leadership of the Macedonian Greeks could not rally under the banner of such an organization which would not, under any circumstances, serve Hellenism as a national ideal... In the face of Bulgaria, the Hellenic Kingdom and its agents in Macedonia saw a factor far more powerful and with a greater military prestige; this fact implied a negative treatment to the internal Bulgarian movement... Undoubtedly, since the Greeks of Macedonia , the second largest group following the Bulgarians, had a position like this vis-a-vis the idea of autonomy, the latter could hardly anticipate success..."

Dimo Hadjidimov, (Back to the Autonomy, Sofia, 1919)

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