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Macedonian scientific institute

The Macedonian Scientific Institute was established in 1923 and one of its main functions was publication of the "Macedonian Review" to:

defend the truth about the character of the national struggles in Macedonia, both in the period of the spiritual and educational revival and during the time of the revolutionary liberation struggles in which chiefly the Bulgarian population in Macedonia took part.

However on July 2, 1947, the Macedonian Scientific Institute ceased to exist, and its entire library and archives were delivered to the Yugoslavian Communist Party in Skopje, as required under arrangements that the Bulgarian Communist Party had negotiated to form a "South Slav Federation". The actions and motives of the Bulgarian Communist Party will be fully analysed elsewhere.

On January 6, 1990 the Macedonian Scientific Institute was re-established and publication of the "Macedonian Review" recommenced, the first issue being Volume XIV, 1991, No.1. Each issue now has an accompanying English translation for the contents page, and article Summary.
Since the original "Macedonian Reviews", first published in 1924, had no English translations, we have translated the contents pages for Volumes 1 to 6 so that the professional community may better appreciate the range and wealth of material available on the Macedonian Question. Unless otherwise indicated the articles are all written in the Bulgarian literary language.

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