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0 Bulgaria and Macedonia - One State

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Bulgaria and Macedonia - One State

Bulgarian VMRO party is the only political power in the country that seeks to provoke historical memory in the present generation, declared the leader of VMRO Krasimir Karakachanov at the 3rd Congress of the party, held in Central Military Club, Sofia.

At the moment our members are 18,941 people, organized in 20 structures in the country, said Karakachanov.

There are a lot of positive results after the party's activity- OMO Ilinden did not receive registration from the Supreme Court, explained the politician.
He also noted that last year VMRO initiated, on it's own expenses, a public referendum for the future of nuclear energetics.

Bulgarian deputies from Macedonia participate for first time at the this year's congress.
The Macedonian problem could be resolved by unification of Bulgaria and Macedonia in one state. This way will be guaranteed one common market of 10 million consumers, said Lazar Chulev, head of the Macedonian branch of VMRO party.

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