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3 The Republic of Krushevo and the Ilinden uprising

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During the Ilinden uprising, the largest success has been achieved in the revolutionary district of Krushevo. In the summer of 1903, on its territory is formed uprising headquarters led by Chief of the revolutionary district of Krushevo, the Bulgarian Nikola Karev.

After intensive training in the night before the August 3, 1903, about 750 revolutionaries attack Krushevo. After a few hours of battles the city was conquered. In the area Gumenje has made so-called Republic of Krushevo. (existed in the period from 3 to 13 August).

The organization of the local authorities is impressive. The chief of the revolutionaries takes care of security and safety of citizens and convene the Council of the Republic, consisting of 60 members - with 20 people from each ethnic community in Krushevo (bulgarian, greek, and vlach). From its lines is selected Temporary government consisting of:

Primeminister: Vangel Dinu
also appointed as Minister of Justice

Minister of Finance: Teohar Neshkov
Minister of Internal affairs: Hristo Kjurchiev
Minister of Health: Nikola Bajlu
Minister of food supply and production: Dimitar Sekulov
Minister of requisition: Georgi Chache

Series of events is organized in order to strengthen the preparation of citizenship for the future defense of the city. Workshops are open to manufacture and repair of arms, hospital for treatment of wounded, etc. Special attention is given to the Muslim population from the neighbouring villages. They send a specially prepared document, which states that the purpose of the uprising is not against the not-christian peaceful population but to fight against the exploitation and the domination of the ruling class. They stress that the basic aspirations of the revolutionaries is and will be to acquiring more extensive civil and social rights. This document became known later as the “Manifesto of the Republic of Krushevo”.

"... Dear neighbors!
We understand that you as Turks, Arnauts and Moslems might
think that the empire is yours and that you are not slaves since there is no
cross on the imperial flag but a star and a crescent. You will soon see and
understand that this is not so and that you are wrong. Nevertheless, if you
honor does not allow you to join us and declare yourselves against the Sultan's
tyranny, we, your brothers in suffering and of the same homeland, shall do you
no harm and shall not hate you. We will fight alone both for you and us, and if
necessary, we will fight to the last man under the banner for our and your
freedom, for our and your justice. "Freedom or Death" is written on our
foreheads and on our blood-stained banner. We have already raised that banner
and there is no way back. If you consider us as your brothers, too, if you wish
us well, if you intend to live with us again as you have lived up to now, and if
you are faithful and worthy sons of our mother Macedonia, you could help us in
one way at least - and it would be a great help indeed - do not make partners of
the enemy, do not raise guns against us and do not oppress the Christian

After a few days of battle against the incoming permanent Ottoman troops, the the situation grows tense. On August 12, 1903 the town was surrounded on all sides. After nearly 10 hour epic struggles between the scattered population and the ottoman troops, Krushevo falls into foreign hands. The worth paid by all of its inhabitants for the temporary liberty is great.

During the terrible night, has been 159 houses, 210 shops and 117 people killed.

After many robberies, violence and arson, many decided to leave forever their homes, and goes thru the goat paths of Babuna Mountain, Plachkovitsa and Maleshevo to reach the free limits of their homeland, Bulgaria.

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