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0 Blaze Koneski - an example of "sick" deification

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Blaze Koneski - an example of "sick" deification

Blazhe Koneski
3rd place winnerMost honored Macedonianof the Century
A patriot's responseto "sick" deification

This is the sequence of events that lead to the codefication of the Macedonian Literary Language.Speak it, and read it with pride and the blood of your brothers on your hands.

Blazhe Koneski? The third place winner of most honored "Macedonian" of the Century?

 You people are sick. Let me tell you about Koneski, that is Blagoy Oran Lyamevic, born 1921 in Nebregovo, Prelipsko. He went to the Serbian school in Prelip and began to write poetry in SERBIAN under the direction of his favorite teacher Velebit Rendic. After that, thanks to the service of his chichko Gligor Sokolovic-Lyame, glorious Serbian Chetnik, Blagie was awarded a stipend from King Alexander Karageorgie to continue his education in SERBIA. He attended high school in Kraguevac, the oldest one in SERBIA, with a reputation for being the strongest bastion of SERBIAN nationalism. Boys from Makedonia were selected and sent with full scholarships to this school in SERBIA in order to later become pioneers of SERBIAN propaganda in Makedonia.

In "the Krag", young Blagie was surounded by other new born SERBS from Makedonia, such as Lazar Mojsov, Yugo/Mak Commie Prosecutor from 1945, and president of the notorius "Peoples Court", responsible for HUNDREDS of death sentences. In fact right now, this classmate of Ol' Blagie is the Yugo foreign Minister to the UN. Lazar Koleshevski was in the same school, same time, Strahil Gigov, an extreme pro-SERBIAN communist, more Kriminali such as Risto Dzhunov, Todor Atanovski and Bozhidar Vidoevski. A regular Who's Who of Good Guys - Majkata! These are your heroes? If this rogues gallery is who is glorified by you f…g assholes, then I want no part of you or your "thing".

Shall I continue? Ok. Let's see what Bazhi did after high school. Well I'll be, he went to study SERBIAN linguistics at Belgrade University ( I heard they had a great intramural Russian Roulette Society there). While there, good ol' Blagoy became an active member of Dom Yuzhno-Serbianatsa. Why don't you Macedonists tell us what that is. When Borka Talevski mentioned to Blazhie about starting an alphabet, it was this revered MACEDONIST who stated that there was no need to do so since "the dialects in Macedonia are SERBIAN and the SERBIAN alphabet is the most appropriate". This guy makes me f…g sick!. I can't go on! Let me go get some milk of magnesia for my heartburn.

Okay, I'm back.

In the fall of 1944 when the Yugo Commie swines took over Vardar Makedonia, Vlado Maleski, a trustworthy SERBOMAN became a member of the Agitprop, the Propaganda Dept of the Yugo Commie Swine Army. Agitprop coordinated the creation of the NEW literary Macedonian language. They sent Krste Crvenovski (hmmmm that last name sounds familiar) a big commie swine from Prelip, to look for Koneski and to get him involved in this new linguistic assignment. Blazhi immediately joined the Yugo Partisans and was glad to continue his linguistic work from before the war.

Hence, a paradoxical situation occurred, Koneski, who ALWAYS CONSIDERED SERBIAN AS HIS MOTHER TONGUE, together with two Macedonian Vlahs, Vasil Ilyoski and Haralampie Plenakovic, whos mother tongue was Vlah, were appointed by the YUGOSLAV COMMIE SWINE PARTY to create the literary Macedonian language and alphabet. The rest is history, and now, dear readers and quacks, his is deified as the third most important figure in the Republic of Macedonia's - what - 8 year history? 

Lele Bozhe!

Good ol' Blazhi, his official capacity with the Government was as the Chief of the Macedonian Language Police, until the last day of his life, in 1993. For almost half a century, under his guidance, an army of Government language cops checked the books and other written documents in Macedonia, purging words that sounded "too Bulgarian" and substituting them with SERBIAN ones or made up ones. Not even the Macedonian folk songs were spared from these ruthless dickheads and their linguistic vandalism.

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