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The Bogomils in Macedonia

Pop Bogomil

The Bogomils are conceptual followers of the teachings of the Bulgarian priest, lived during the reign of King Peter I (927-969), known as Pop Bogomil. The first reports  occurred the bogomilism talk about hostility to the Istanbul Patriarchate to it and grading it as harmful to the interests of church and state maniheyska heresy, mingled with pavlikyanstvo. 

Modern scientists the bogomilism characterized as a dualistic national movement arose in the bosom of the Bulgarian church in the X century and quickly spread in Bulgarian lands - Misia, Thrace and Macedonia in rough times pre-Byzantine invasion.  Its roots as a full Social and religious content in the form of movement must be sought in Bulgarian society actually in the first half of the century and X social and class antagonism.

Distributed primarily in Mizia, Thrace and more strongly under influence of the Slavic Macedonia bogomilism movement creates its first church there. Although prosecutions, which were undergoing the bogomilism heresy, especially during the Byzantine domination, this doctrine outlive in Bulgaria until XV century Much of the profession accept Islam after the Ottoman invasion: they arise today Pomaks, etc. The last torbeshi name is also associated with the bogomilism. According to prof. Dimiter Angelov been called as part of bogomils in Macedonia.

 One part of pavlikyanite maintain its although quite poizblednyalo drill down to the XVII century when it turned to franciscan catolicism. In Serbia during the XII century, Bogomil been mercilessly destroyed by king Stephen, and their books were incinerated. Much more secure they be strengthened in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Some of them fled there in 1170 and found major support from the Bosnian rulers and later kings. Kulin he was passionate sektata number Bogomil and tens of thousands of supporters in the country. Hence spread reached the heart of Western Europe.
When you raise the conceptual traditions that absorb and develop pop Bogomil should be given to the already widespread in Bulgaria dualistic heresy - pavlikyanstvoto and masalianstvoto. 
Pavlikyanstvoto supportive dualistic idea of the old Manichaeism for existence in the world for two terms - good and evil, which are neprimirima eternal struggle. Invisible, they give good start, a tangible, visible world of evil creature consider home. Led by its understanding of the world, they do not respect the church rites, rejected crosses and icons were against church ierarhiya. Particularly important is the support they thought that the interpretation of the Gospel not need God namestnitsi - priests that can do all people. 

Another word whose traditions practiced Pop Bogomil is Masalianst. Incurred in III century in Asia Minor, to be distributed in other parts of the Byzantine Empire. In his Zlata force, which is implemented in the human soul and that is the result of the apparent world, can be defeated by a deep and sincere prayers and austere life. Then the man would be freed from the power of Satan and would have received in themselves the grace of the Holy Spirit overlook other people with spiritual perfection. Masalianite denial earthly possessions, wealth, considering them an obstacle to spiritual soaring. 

Pop Bogomil creates a system of understanding of the world and life, human behavior, the structure of society perceived creative dualistic previous exercises, which attaches particular social direction. In the spirit of gnostik traditions bogomilism seeks to know the world and humanity and in accordance to justify the behavior of human life. 

Must stress however, in understanding their early to all depart from known then religious teachings. Unlike to Persia religion Manichaeism from pavlikyanstvoto masalianstvoto and we support the idea of two basis of good and evil in the world and human bogomilism rise another concept. It initially supported the idea of dominance only good power - God against it only later oppose evil beginning, but will ultimately be defeated. 

The basic notion of bogomils for the release of the man from the power of the devil affect their ethics and the public their political views. They preach fast, chastity, humility, gentleness, etc. Furthermore been against murder, war, not even animals destroyed due to be fed with fasting food. 

The Bogomils is divided by different categories according to their excellence as the level of overcoming yourself in the power of force devil. Highest in the moral hierarchy stood Bogomil whole, which through deep absorption of the word through prayer and austere living rises to the winner of the Holy Spirit and be prepared for pastoral and liturgical activities. After the whole Bogomil believers came after them - listeners. Believers were members of the brotherhood may participate in their religious life, were bound by certain obligations austere. Listeners dwell outside bogomilskite societies and may attend the sermon. From one category to another the bogomils after passing a special ceremony. 

The Bogomils e had a relationship with his wife compared to Orthodox Christianity. They released the same place of man and a woman lie and women to be perfect to become teachers and the pulpit. 

The preaching of bogomilite is acquired and given political direction, which is in the call for disobedience to the representatives of the privileged class who have had power over them attached to the peasants.

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