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0 Documents about the Ancient history of Macedonia

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Documents about History of Macedonia-І part

From Herodotus, "The Histories":

"I happen to know, and will demonstrate in a subsequent chapter of this history, that these descendants of Perdiccas [the Macedonians] are, as they themselves claim, of Greek nationality. This was, moreover, recognized by the managers of the Olympic games, on the occasion when Alexander [I Philhellenes] wished to compete and his Greek competiotors tried to exclude him on the ground that foreigners were not allowed to take part. Alexander, however, proved his Argive descent, and so was accepted as a Greek and allowed to enter for the footrace. He came in equal first."

From Thukidides, "History of the Peloponessian War":

"... to the Macedonians, in fact, belong also the Linkestes, the Elymiots, and other tribes upwards, who are allies or subjects of the Macedonians but have their own kings. Nowaday coastal Macedonia was first acquired by Alexander [Alexander II of Macedonia], father of Perdiccas, and his ancestors, the Temenids, who came from Argos; they reigned after they drove out by force from Pieria the Pieres, who inhabited Phagretus and other localities under Pangaeus beyond Strymon (even now the place under Pangaeus from the sea is called Pierian Gulf). From the so called Botia they also drove out the Botieans, who now live by the Chalcidians. From Paeonia they gained by the Axios a narrow strip, which streches to Pella and the sea; beyond Axios to Strymon they rule the so called Migdonia, from where they drove out the Edones. From nowaday Eordia they pushed out the Eordes from who most perished and a small part have settled by Phisca; from Almopia they chased out the Almopes. Those Macedonians conquered also other tribes over which they rule to this day, as well as Antemunt, Crestonia, Bisaltia and a large portion of the land of the true Macedones. This is all called Macedonia and when Sitalcus attacked it, there reigned Perdiccas, the son of Alexander."Documents about history of Macedonia..."

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