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0 Saint Naum of Ohrid

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Saint Naum

Saint Naum of Preslav (or Saint Naum of Ohrid) (c. 830 - December 23, 910) was a medieval Bulgarian scholar, writer and teacher. Evidence about his life before his arrival in Bulgaria is scarce. According to the hagiography of Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius by Saint Clement of Ohrid, Naum took part in their mission to Great Moravia and in 867 or 868 became a priest in Rome.

In 885 Naum was expelled from Great Moravia after spending some time in jail for the resistance to the German clergy there. The same or the following year Naum reached Pliska together with Clement of Ohrid, Sava, Angelarius and maybe Gorazd (according to other sources, Gorazd was already dead by that time).

Naum was one of the founders of the Pliska Literary School (later Preslav Literary School) where he worked between 886 and 893. After Clement was ordained bishop of Drembica (Velika) in 893, Naum continued Clement’s work at the Ohrid Literary School. In 905 Naum founded a monastery at Lake Ohrid, which later received his name.

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