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Vlado Chernozemski

(Bulgarian: Владо Черноземски) (October 19, 1897 - October 9, 1934), born Velichko Dimitrov Kerin (Bulgarian: Величко Димитров Керин), was a Bulgarian-born revolutionary and assassin .
According to Bulgarian records, he was born in the village of Kamenitsa (now part of Velingrad), near Peshtera. His parents came from Macedonia. He joined the IMRO in 1922. After killing a Bulgarian MP from the Communist Party in 1924, he was sentenced to death in 1928, but was granted an amnesty in 1932. He also murdered a member of the IMRO in 1930.
He assassinated Alexander I of Yugoslavia and Louis Barthou in the port of Marseille, France on October 9, 1934, and was himself killed immediately afterwards, 10 days before his 37th birthday.

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